Auto Picle-S



General information





General information

The Auto Picle-S is an oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine equipped with a motor and robust gear system. Together with the interlocking transmission chain links, the Auto Picle-S travels smoothly around the pipe in all positions. Cutting operations are carried out from the handy remote controller. Travel speed adjustment is easily done during cutting. The slide bar torch system allows flexible torch positioning. When used with the optional guide rail, this system automatically guides the torch along the rail, providing high cutting accuracy for large diameter pipes.


  • Guide rail
    Cuts up to 1500 mm diameter pipe accurately; possible to cut pipes in vertical position (up to 600 mm diameter with use of guide rail).
  • Motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutter
    Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts on steel pipe.
  • Remote Control Pendant
    Easy operation from a distance.
  • Special Fixed Rail Tip Guide System
    Mechanical automatic torch guiding; provides high cutting accuracy.
  • Interlocking link chain system
    Swiftly adapts to any pipe diameter.
  • On/Off drive clutch
    Position and align machine quickly.






Remote control

Easy operation from a distance.






Guide rail

Optional guide rail provides high cutting accuracy, particularly suitable for large pipes.


Basic specifications

Cutting thickness 5 – 50 mm
Cutting speed 100 – 700 mm/min
Cutting diameter Ø 150 – 1500 mm;
Guide rail option is recommended above Ø 600 mm
Bevel angle 0 – 45°
Drive system Worm gear and chain
Input power AC 115V / AC 42V
Dimension L270 x W230 x H400 mm
Weight 15 kg



Guide rail for Auto Picle-S

  • Guide rail helps to cut large diameter pipes accurately.
  • 4 types available
    • D600   : for pipe diameter 400 ~ 600 mm
    • D900   : for pipe diameter 600 ~ 900 mm
    • D1200 : for pipe diameter 900 ~ 1200 mm
    • D1500 : for pipe diameter 1200 ~ 1500 mm

Video on the left shows how the guide rail system works.

Transformer AC230V - AC42V

Down transformer for 42V model.






Transformer AC230V - AC100V

Down transformer for AC100V model.






Extension chain 1m

Spare chain for PICLE-1 and AUTO PICLE-S.