General information





General information

The Wel-Handy Multi NEXT welding carriage is a robust machine designed for heavy duty working environments. The 8.8 kg lightweight aluminium die cast body is easy to handle. The strong traction power from the 50 kg magnet provides stable movement to achieve high quality vertical welds.


  • One model with weaving option:
    Wel-Handy Multi NEXT: Straight/ Tack welding (default).
    Wel-Handy Multi NEXT: Straight/ Tack + Weaving welding (option).
  • Limit switch function
  • Limit switch has dry-run function, which makes positioning of the carriage possible without lifting. (Patent pending)
  • Encoder drive motor and control 
    Ensures precise speed control during welding.
  • Weaving with optional weaving set
    Weaving parameter is adjustable during welding. Easy operation with dial control.
  • Straight, tack welding and weaving with the same carriage
  • Reliability, robustness and durability






Digital LED display

Allows accurate and precise parameter input. Allows each welder to use the same parameters regardless of experience. Visible in low light conditions.






Robust gearbox with high allowable torque

The re-designed durable gearbox provides 1.5 times higher allowable torque than previous model, extending the service life even longer.






50kg permanent magnet

The strong traction power from the integrated 50kg permanent magnet provides stable movement regardless of the machine welding position. 






Rotary data dial

Main component to set parameters. Reduces time needed to setup proper machine control.






Guide rollers

Multi use position guide rollers allow for more flexibility. Rollers can be flipped, dropped or spun into various position of the machine or behind. Brass roller composition reduces heat effect and spatter build up due to its natural cooling traits.






Quick release torch clamp

Allows for a wide range of torches. Clamping diameter range from 15mm to 23mm. Extra heavy ribs on tension knob allows extreme torque with gloved hands.






Limit switch

Located at either end of machine. Used to turn off the machine and welding power supply simultaneously. Includes “jog to point technology”, simply press the limit in the direction of desired travel and machine travels to desired starting position.






Smooth action cross slide

A smooth action ball screw is used to reduce imperfections when changing weld height and distance. Heavy ribbed knobs allow for extreme torque with gloved hands.


Basic specifications

Wel Handy Multi NEXT Tack Wel Handy Multi NEXT Weaving
Driving system 4 Wheel driving 4 Wheel driving
Gap (floor – bottom) 5.5 mm 5.5 mm
Magnet up and down mechanism Magnet release/ light action lever at body side Magnet release/ light action lever at body side
Magnet type Permanent magnet
(strong 50 kg)
Permanent magnet
(strong 50 kg)
Travel speed 50 – 1500 mm/min 50 – 1500 mm/min
Tracking method Vertical tracking by guide roller / edge tracking by guide roller Vertical tracking by guide roller / edge tracking by guide roller
Applicable posture Horizontal fillet & inferior fillet Horizontal fillet & inferior fillet
Start interlocking welding Possible Possible
Automatic stop by limit switch Possible Possible
Arc test Possible Possible
Arc stabilization time (sec) 0 – 10.0 0 – 10.0
Crater current correspondence Possible Possible
Tack Possible Possible
Weaving speed (mm/min) 400 – 1500
Weaving width (mm) 0.0 – 100.0
Stop time on left, middle, right 0.0 – 10.0
Body weight (kg) 8.8 10.8
External dimensions W x D x H (mm) 280 x 280 x 250 310 x 280 x 250
Input power supply DC 24V DC 24V



Multi-position arm units

  • Various types of arm and bracket available to widen torch position possibilities.
  • Contact Koike for details.