IK-12 MAX3



General information





General information

The IK-12 Max3 is an incredibly robust tractor, which has been highly rated among the portable oxy-fuel cutting machines. Body structure is systematized to apply to different types of work and meet the needs of plasma cutting and automatic welding. Each component is functionally worked out as independent units, selection and assortment are at the customer’s disposal to create the system needed for the requirement. Enjoy the maximum efficiency, versatility and productivity with the IK-12 Max3.


  • Maximum reliability in most heavy-duty environment
    Not affected by intense heat and fluctuating  voltage, the maximum driving mechanism ensures steady traveling.
  • Double Cone Stepless
    Drive System Ensures extremely smooth speed transition, speed micro-adjustment and constant travel speed, which provides the IK-12 Max3’s famous sharp, fine cuts.
  • Choice of accessory and options
    Features wide variety of options that makes the machine suitable to achieve various cutting needs.
  • Selectable torch set and rails 
    Each torch set is specially designed for the purpose, ensuring the maximum results. 
  • Versatility
    Ready for oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting, or welding.

Stepless, Double Cone Drive system

Speed control mechanism of IK-12 Max3 has adopted Double Cone Stepless Drive System, developed by Koike, which functions with a condensor motor rotating at constant speed (1500 rpm at 50Hz) to prevent heat and voltage problems from occuring. 

Backlash, knocking, noise or vibration is minimized by minimal use of toothed-gears in the mechanism. Its constant travel and stepless smooth speed transition help to achieve highest quality cuts, even at very low speed. 50kg maximum loading weight with heat-resisting grease, high temperature soldering and minimal electrical component, IK-12 Max3 is reliable and durable for long continuous operation.







Up to 600mm cutting thickness, with the Heavy-Duty EPOCH 600 torch set.






Perfect for Beveling

With many different combination of torch set and accessories, various bevel can be achieved.






Double Cone Drive System


Basic specifications

Traveling speed (50Hz input power) 80 – 800 mm/min
Traveling speed (60Hz input power) 100 – 1000 mm/min
Input power AC 220V / AC100V / AC42V
Cutting thickness Depends on torch set
Drive system Double Cone Stepless Drive System
Motor Condensor-induction
Machine construction Aluminum die cast body
Gear box Closed gearbox, highly resistant against heat and dust
Max. loading weight 50 kg
Machine dimension L430 x W220 x H215 mm
Weight 10 kg (body)


Torch sets

1 torch cutting

S-100 torch set

  • Standard 1 torch unit
  • Suitable for I-CUT and various types of bevel cutting

SP-100 torch set

  • 1 torch unit with mechanical torch height control system
  • Suitable for I-CUT and various types of bevel cutting

2 torch cutting

S-200 torch set

  • Standard 2 torch unit
  • Suitable for parallel I-CUT, and 2 torch bevel cutting

SP-200 torch set

  • 2 torch unit with 2 mechanical torch height control system
  • Height of each torch is controlled individually
  • Suitable for parallel I-CUT, and 2 torch bevel cutting

SP-300 torch set

  • 2 torch unit designed for Y-bevel cutting
  • Height of 2 torches is controlled simulteneously by one mechanical torch height control

3 torch cutting

SP-400 torch set

  • 3 torch unit designed specially for X and K-bevel cutting
  • Height of 3 torches is controlled simulteneously by one mechanical torch height control

Thick plate cutting

L-100 torch set

  • Thick plate cutting up to 300mm plate thickness
  • Suitable for various fuel gas types

EPOCH 300/600 torch set

  • Thick plate cutting up to 300mm (EPOCH 300) or 600mm (EPOCH 600)
  • Can only be used with Propane as fuel gas

Accessory parts


IK-12 rail 1800 mm

Standard extendable rail 1800 mm






Heavy duty rail 1800mm

Strenghten extendable rail designed for thick plate cutting






IK-12 MAX3/NEXT circle rail

For circle cutting diameter 40 – 360 mm, 770 – 1150 mm






Circle cutting attachment

For circle cutting diameter 400 – 2400 mm






Long slide bar

Extends torch up/down stroke.






Long pipe arm

Enables different torch positioning






Twin torch option

Enables 2-torch parallel cutting. Requires longer stand.







More adjustability in pipe arm height






Magnet for IK-12 standard rail

Holds the rail in place






Snap valve B-type

Toggle action gas ON/OFF. one valve for each cutting oxygen, preheat oxygen and fuel gas.






Preset stop valve

Lever action single action gas ON/OFF. 






Torch bevel attachment

Accurate bevel cutting with angle indicator. Requires longer stand