General information





General information

PNC-12 Extreme is an affordable CNC controlled plasma and/or oxyfuel machine with modest dimensions but yet offers a full 1500×3000 or 1000×1500 effective cutting area. The standard package also contains a comprehensive CAD/CAM software license. The system can be expanded with many options like your favorite plasma system, a sectional cutting table, an exhaust filter and many more.

The machine can be used as a plasma or oxyfuel only machine, but it can also be equipped with both options resulting in a very versatile and flexible cutting tool that can fulfill all your operational needs.


  • Plasma and oxyfuel cutting selectable
  • 1500×3000 or 1000×1500 effective cutting area
  • Minimum footprint and maintenance
  • Rugged, flexible and reliable design
  • Koike-made CAD/CAM system “PNC-CAM”, specially configured for PNC-series. Equipped with auto true-shape nesting and automatic NC data creation.
  • The most economical all-in one cutting solution
  • Over 2,500 units sold globally

D420 controller

Controlling the PNC safely requires minimal effort and training for the operator if one of the 47 customizable standard shapes are used. Most settings are pre-set and need hardly any adjustments.






Rigid cross bar system

Cross bar is significantly larger compared to similar machines, and held by 12 pcs steel guide bearings to ensure stable and durable operation.






Longitudinal linear guides

Longitudinal rail is a welded steel construction, and the machine is held by 4 slide blocks attached to a thick aluminum frame that goes through the entire widths of the machine.






All in one solution

In addition to the machine, Koike prepares all necessary equipment as option. Upon request, Koike can offer a complete turn key solution based on over 100 years experience in cutting.






Oxyfuel configuration features

  • High quality oxyfuel cutting
  • Standard cutting thickness: up to 50mm mild steel
  • Automatic piercing sequence
  • 3 pcs. solenoid valves for each gas 
  • Oxygen and fuel gas pipe lines integrated in cross bar
  • Equipped with heat shield
  • Comes with a set of Koike cutting nozzles
  • Can be converted to plasma configuration via conversion kit
  • Extra thick material cutting with heavy-duty torch option 






Cutting quality

PNC-12 Extreme oxyfuel configuration is equipped with the state-of-the-art Koike D7 nozzles, providing superior cutting quality and cutting speed.






Individual solenoid valves

Equipped with 3 solenoid valves for each gas line (cutting oxygen, preheat oxygen and fuel gas). Gas on/off is controlled automatically by the CNC.






Automatic piercing sequence

Preheat time and piercing time, as well as torch height is automatically controlled by integrated timer during piercing. Preheat timer can be extended or shortened during preheating.






Thick plate cutting

Can cut up to 50mm mild steel as standard. With heavy-duty torch set option, further thickness can be cut. contact Koike Europe for details.

Plasma configuration features

  • Fast cutting with air plasma systems up to 125A
  • Compatible with most of plasma power sources
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Magnetic torch breakaway system
  • Customizable piercing parameters
  • Plasma punch marking feature
  • Can be converted to oxyfuel configuration via conversion kit 






Plasma compatibility

The PNC supports the most up to date air plasma models like Powermax 45, 65, 85, 105 and 125 but also the Kjellberg CutFire 100i.






Plasma torch breakaway system

The magnetic torch breakaway system protects plasma torch in case of torch collision.






Arc voltage automatic height control (AVC)

AVC unit enables automatic torch height adjustment during cutting by constantly monitoring the arc voltage between the torch and the material. This enables stable cutting quality even when the plate is not completely flat against the cutting table.






Plasma punch marking

Plasma punch marking creates a small dent on the plate, helping to minimize setup time for secondary process such as drilling and positioning.


Basic specifications

Type PNC-12 Extreme – 1015 PNC-12 Extreme – 1530
Effective cutting area 1000 x 1500 mm 1500 x 3000 mm
Rapid travel speed 4000 mm/min 4000 mm/min
Maximum cutting speed 3000 mm/min 3000 mm/min
Longitudinal rail Welded steel construction Welded steel construction
Cross bar Aluminium extrude with integrated gas piping Aluminium extrude with integrated gas piping
Motor: x-axis and y-axis Stepping motor Stepping motor
Motor: torch lifter DC motor DC motor
Driving method Rack and pinion Rack and pinion
Rail system x-axis and y-axis Linear guiding Linear guiding
Input voltage Single phase 200-240VAC, 50/60 Hz Single phase 200-240VAC, 50/60 Hz



Conversion kit

Plasma to Oxyfuel conversion kit

Oxyfuel to Plasma conversion kit

Enables conversion between oxyfuel and plasma configuration 

  • Takes only few minutes to swap between oxyfuel and plasma configuration.
  • Torch parking holder for non-used torch.
  • D420 is capable of operationg both oxyfuel and plasma.