General information





General information

The Handy Auto Plus is a portable hand held gas cutting machine with an integrated drive system, ignition device and Start-Stop-function for pre-heating flame. It ensures highest cut quality in vertical, circular and shape cutting as well as beveling.
Besides cutting of flat surfaces it is also possible to perform curved contours on vertical surfaces like H-beams, pipes and bended plates.
Thanks to the low weight of 3,5 kg Handy Auto Plus can be used as simple as an ordinary hand cutting torch.


  • Motorized oxy fuel hand torch
    High quality cuts on horizontal plate, pipe, or on vertical surfaces.
  • All position drives
    Allows cutting in various position and directions.
  • Quick change attachments
    Single hand changeover.
  • Light weight
    Easily operated like a hand torch
    2.7 kg (Handy Auto)
    3.5 kg (Handy Auto Plus)
  • Auto ignition (Handy Auto Plus)
  • One click gas shutoff (Handy Auto Plus)
  • Flame pre-set valves (Handy Auto Plus)






Straight, bevel and small circle cutting kit inlcuded

Every kits comes with a basic set of attachments to cut straight, bevel and small circle (diameter 30 – 120mm).






Flexible mechanized cutting in hand reaching areas

Handy Auto is designed to achieve high quality short distance cutting within hand reaching area.






Automatic ignition (Handy Auto Plus)

Only available on the Handy Auto Plus.






Steel transport case

The Handy Auto hand torch comes in a strong, steel transport case.


Basic specifications

Handy Auto Handy Auto Plus
Cutting thickness 5-30 mm 5-30 mm
Cutting speed 150-530 mm / min 150-530 mm / min
Speed control method Transistor control Transistor control
Power source AC 100-240V AC 100-240V
Total length 500 mm 525 mm
Weight  2.7 kg 3.5 kg
Auto ignition No Yes
One click gas shut-off No Yes
Flame pre-set valves No Yes



Large circle cutting attachment

  • Attachment for Handy Auto / Handy Auto Plus for cutting circle diameter 120 – 500 mm.
  • Fast attachment exchange with tool -less clip on system.
  • Center pin with magnetic center fixture for accurate hole center positioning.

Straight guide rail 500mm

Handy Auto straight guide rail
  • Straight guide rail to cut straight line more accurately.
  • Lengths: 500mm