General information





General information

The IK-72T cuts various types of steel including channel, curved plate and angled steel members. Made of aluminium alloy, the IK-72T is lightweight and easy to use. A graduated bevel collar is provided for bevelling. Simply adjust the scales to precise bevel angle.

IK-72T is designed to maximize portability.

Aluminum alloy base together with robust gear system made the machine to be extremely light at just 4.5kg, yet durable in heavy duty working environment.


  • All position oxy-fuel cutting
    Cuts flat, bended, or twisted steel plates in all positions and directions.
  • Permanent magnet rails
    Secures rail to plate; allows the rail to be used vertically.
  • Selectable rail configuration
    There are 3 unique rail types; all rails can be connected to each other by use of connector kit.
  • Clutch lever
    Allows quick positioning of machine on rail.
  • Amazingly lightweight
    Only 4.5 kg and compact; machine can be carried easily to anywhere.


Basic specifications

Cutting thickness 5 – 50 mm
Cutting speed 150 – 700 mm/min
Type of drive PWM control
Bevel angle 0 – 45°
Driving method Rack and pinion
Input power AC 110V / AC 42V
Maximum rail bending radius 2D rail: 2500 mm
3D rail: 2000 mm
Dimension L250 x W300 x H190 mm
Weight 4.5 kg








1D Rail 1500 mm

  • For flat plate
  • Extendable aluminium made straight rail
  • Ideal for straight cutting and welding applications
  • 4 Pcs permanent magnets






2D Rail 1000 mm

  • For bended plane
  • Extendable flexible rubber rail with steel plate liner; maximum bending radius 2500 mm
  • 5 Pcs permanent magnets






3D Rail 1000 mm

  • For bended and twisted planes
  • Extendable flexible rubber rail; bends in any direction
  • Maximum bending radius 2000 mm
  • 5 Pcs permanent magnets






Rail connector

Different rail types can be connected and combined with the rail connector.


Transform easily from AC230V – 42V or AC230V – 110V.