KOIKE offers lots of accessories which enables your company to achieve the highest possible cutting results and quality.

Cutting Nozzles

  • Sharp, high quality cuts
  • Small kerf
  • Limited upper edge melt and slag
  • Limited under slag
  • Steady and safe cutting operation
  • Cutting with small gas consumption
  • Variety of selections
    – Standard nozzle
    – Divergent high-speed nozzle
    – Out-mixing heavy duty nozzle
    – Specialty nozzles
  • Excellent quality management


  • Safety lock mechanism provided with single-push system
  • The safety lock mechanism guarantees durability hose coupling and no inadvertent separation of the connection
  • Automatic gas supply shut-off mechanism at the hose coupling
  • Color-coding of gases at hose coupling side
  • No confusion about the gases because of different coupling pins
  • Coupling pins with flash back arrestor

Hand Torches

  • Tip mixing system
  • Precisely balanced
  • Heavy ribbed round handle
  • Internal tip nut
  • Easy grip gas valves


Advanced technology combined with face to face relationships and in-depth understanding of customer needs in the field of cutting that’s what Koike as a Japanese manufacturer of oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting technology stands for. Our customer base are companies that are active in shipbuilding, steel construction, automotive, machinery and equipment and other metal industries. They all trust on more than 100 years of Koike’s cutting expertise.

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